Airport Security Breached By Ads

I’m in an airport at least twice a week, and am constantly amazed by the differences between security systems and processes. It’s an often confusing, encumbering process to basically strip down, only to get everything back on as you exit. It’s more like the chocolate assembly line that Lucy and Ethel struggled to keep moving.

In the midst of this controlled chaos comes this newsbit from CNN:
Security Tray Ads

Travelers nationwide could soon see ads for laptops, expensive cars and other products in the trays that carry their shoes and cell phones through X-ray machines at airport security checkpoints.

After a six-month test in Los Angeles, the federal Transportation Security Administration was expected to formally issue guidelines Thursday to vendors that want to offer the ads at other airports.

Under the plan, ad companies would pay fees to airports and provide the TSA with millions of dollars worth of trays, tables and other non-electronic items used at the security points.

Does this mean our taxes will go down?

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