An Apple A Day…

I’m a Apple, Inc. nut. Proud of it too. Got alot of Apple. Who doesn’t these days.

I’m not popular with my work mates who believe the world should be PC based.
We fight the geeky fights of who has better operating systems, and marvel at the barriers we face in sharing and connecting our systems. Together, we manage, but it seems that whatever the preference, everyone wants an iPhone when they see it.


Owning an iPhone may well be the equivalent of an out-of-body experience for those of us who love the brand. But it’s not quite enough to justify the 7% leap in Apple shares. Not to mention the $499-$599 price tag that whoops both iPod and BlackBerry price points.

Wherever I’m going though, there’s a common vibe that folks are ready to hand Apple their credit cards, and wait until June when the hot deliveries hit their grasping owners hands. There’s a vibe in the air like people are down to give Apple their credit cards for safe-keeping until June, when the first iPhones will slide off conveyor belts and into warm laps.

Now that Apple literally owns the Beatles, it may quickly become more popular than the brand they recently acquired.

And of course, Apple also changed its official title from Apple Computers to Apple Inc, better suited to host it’s newer breeds of non-computer produces – as in iPhone and iTV.

That pairing is one made in heaven… media control and digital television. I think the brand really has hit an all time high – and if they’re able to meet the promise, this should be quite a year for the stockholders.

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