The BMW Whatsitsnot

BMW, the legendary brand of German engineering released a product launch site to promote something without a released name.
What is it? It’s McGyver’s something-a-majig that performs mystical widget things on, perhaps in, their automobiles. Part Bluetooth, MP3player, GPS…and… DVD/CD/camera in part… in part nothing that looks like one on closer inspection. It’s so secret…it’s unamed.

Appropriately called Anticipation On Approach, the German gurus are witholding that information until later this month in mid-January…so now would be a good time to forget it. Whatever it is, we’ll wait to see however it’s explained.
Should be an interesting product release… for whatever it is. For me, this campaign leaves me wondering why the arguably strongest automotive brand in the world would release any product this way. I’m not engaged or excited, but rather, annoyed at the vaugueness of it all. I’ll withold full judgement until later this month, and hope to check back here… hopefully not to revisit on my own disproval.

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