Looking Big When You’re Small

During a meeting with a potential new client yesterday, it became clear that small companies need the same tools as large corporations in marketing their services. The trick is, how do you create the image of looking big while being small? Size isn’t the issue…professionalism is. Prove you offer great customer service, and you’ll be “running with the big dogs” sooner than later.

Appearances count – like it or not. Making an investment in a professional brand image is the first step to creating a brand platform that will stay the test of time, and return on your investment.
Here are some easy steps to starting on the path to creating a successful brand platform:

> Use quality stock, business package pieces and collateral materials.
Nothin says “amateur” like cheap printing on bad stock. Invest in quality materials and printing services, and you’ll be glad you’ve started the process to looking like a player in your field.

> Develop a savvy web presence.
Treat your online presense as though it was printed. Be sure it’s gramatically correct, and projects your brand image with careful detail. Most importantly, invest in a good web designer. Go to a pro, and research their work. If you like the way they look, chance are you’ll like what they do for you as well.

> Temporarily borrow office and meeting space.
Some home-based and smaller businesses are challenged when it’s time to meet. By renting temporary office space by the day or even the hour, you’ll ensure uninterrupted meetings and presentations.

> Protect yourself.
Be sure to register your company name…incorporate it if neccessary, and obtain adequate insurance to protect your assets.

There are more steps…many more. But these will get you started on the path to success. Whatever you do, treat your brand as you would want your customers to be treated – and not simply how you think you want to be portrayed. Don’t forget… you can’t deny your brand, but you can spin it to your advantage!

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