The Dumbing Down of VAIO?

I used to be a Sony fan…big time. Owned and preferred anything Sony. Had the TV, the VAIO, even the MP3 player and PDA. But over time, the brand lost its appeal to me, and from what I’ve heard this holiday season, many others.

Take for example the new campaign for Sony’s VAIO laptop.

VAIO campaign Sony is positioning the line the “non-pc pc”…whatever that means, and has made a threesome with the PC Guy, Mac’s Apple Guy with a hip chick known only as “I’m A VAIO”.

Not only is this confusing…it’s just not original. Why position yourself against a popular campaign that’s already run its course? Is this an ego campaign to boost the Sony brand internally, because I don’t think it serves to differentiate the product line other than in a point of weak comparison.

Perhaps the greatest irony of all here is that the original ad campaign often depicts the PC as a sad, silly Mac imitator. Have the tables turned? Or is Sony off base in its approach?

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