The Pods Are Growing

Invasion of the Pods
Like the classic movie “Invasion of the Body Snatchers” the pod people are growing in our very back yard. According to new data from the Pew Internet & American Life Project, podcast downloading has doubled in the past six months.

Here’s some interesting factoids from the study:
12% of the nearly 3,000 users surveyed this summer said they’d downloaded a podcast – up 7% in the spring quarter.
Neilsen only report 6.6% of users downloaded a podcast in the previous month.

Pew thinks this is twofold: 1) More people now own MP3 players, and 2) Content has increased dramatically.

So who is this increase? 15% of them are men, 8% women. 14% have broadband connections, and 10% suffered through dial-up. 13% have been on the net at least 6 years, while only 6% have been downloading for 3 years or less.

Here’s a catch…only 1% said they downloaded on a typical day…so it appears it’s very much content driven.

Interesting stuff to watch grow (or not) over the upcoming Christmas gifting season.

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