Brand Longevity

So you’ve spent some serious budget designing your brand, and honestly deliver what you promise your customers from every possible angle. Profits are rising, and your marketing is paying off. Time to relax, and roll in the gains, right?

Far from it.

Deusenberg, Barbasol, Oldsmobile, Nvidia – any of those once top brands ring a bell? Not like they did in their day.

So…what do you need to do to maintain the brand? What steps can you take to keep it relevant and growing?

1. Stay consistent.
Go wide with your efforts, and don’t fall into the trap of using just a couple of marketing channels to make your brand known. Whatever you do, the public must see your name/logo/tag line/company colors consistently in every way….always.

2. Use engaging visuals.
Humans think in pictures, not just words. And the imagery you choose to accompany your brand have to creat real and lasting impact.

3. Keep your employees on brand.
If you have employees that are in contact with the public…they ARE your brand. Be sure they understand every aspect of your level of service and product – then “shop” them to be sure they’re on target. One slip, and bad press can kill thousands of hours of growth and preparation. Ever had a really rotten waiter at a restaurant? No matter how good the food, you won’t go back easily.

4. Track your marketing.
Anytime your in contact with a client or potential customer, ask them where they learned about your product or services. Keep those answers recorded for future marketing decisions.

5. Engage testimonials.
Word-of-mouth advertising is most powerful, and least expensive of all. Use your relationships to build on to new ones.

6. Keep the collateral fresh.
When was the last time you updated your brochure? I never recommend a client, especially a small business, order 10,000 of anything without knowing they’ll be shipped out within a month or two for a campaign. Times change….people need messages updated, and there’s nothing worse than getting a collateral piece you’ve already seen. High toss-out factor for those.

7. Focus on your core brand.
Do one thing well, and focus your marketing efforts on it. Results are faster, greater, and longer lasting with a focused, cohesive marketing plan.

8. Make sure your brand promise/tag line is real.
If you can’t find it at JC Penney…then it’s likely not “All Inside”. Be sure your promise matches reality.

9. Engage with a good brand promise.
Like a good billboard, good tag lines are normall three to six real words that match your core service or product. Just Do It. Always Low Prices. You know who they are with just three, effective, real words.

10. Start with branding basics.
Your brand is much more than your logo…and it begins inside your company. Only you know it best, and your staff will deliver it to your public. Talk to your customers… find out what they believe your doing well, and in need of improving. Then make the changes necessary to meet their expectations. You’ll develop a stronger brand that will result in greater financial returns.

Accept no limits. Imagine your wildest goals. Then set a marketing plan and brand campaign that will make it reality.

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