Not Exactly Rose Colored Glasses

Every now and then, I run across something that I only react with “WHAT THE HELL?” about. Here’s one.
Scott Urban’s Urban Spectacles has crafted a series of unique eyeware made of wood that are catching on. Here’s a guy with a truly unique niche market. How about a frame made of Cocobolo? Purple Heart? Panga Panga? Urban’s got you covered.

“The uniqueness of hand made specs goes without saying. Whereas eyewear mass produced by means of machines and computers results in the exact same pair of frames every time, two human hands, even if they wanted to, would not be able to make exact duplicates of anything.” Urban notes on his site.

Now comes his latest eyeglass creation, beer goggles – “These specs are hand carved from two bottles of your favorite beer, or any other bottle for that matter. And they also come with a legal disclaimer, because I’m sure there is somebody out there who would purposely buy a pair only to take a hammer to them, causing a shard of glass to be lodged in their eye and then come back to me with a law suit. I suppose glass in the area of the eyes isn’t that smartest idea, but that wont really stop me from wearing these goggles around town. They are quite the show stoppers.”

Showstoppers they are….and not for the faint of fashion.
Besides… if you love beer, you might as well see the world through beer colored glasses, right? One problem, it’d be a little tough to pass a field sobriety test – that is, if you’re dumb enough to take one while wearing them.

What’s on the horizon? Record Specs. Urban’s gathered vintage LP’s to engage your inner Metal Head/Punk/Hippy/Techno Freaks/Blues-Folky/Gothic/Hip Hopper. I mean, what else will you do with all that old vinyl beside selling them on Ebay?

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