‘Tis “The Season”

Mother & Child
It’s an unfortunate reality of our society that our thoughts generally turn to philanthropy and good will once a year… and this is that time.

Having worked with a variety of nonprofits, including the local United Way, I know too well that it’s part of the overall strategy to use this seasonal compassion to restore the donation coffers, and work harder than just about any other time of year.

A Toronto-based agency, ACLC, has created a truly poignant campaign for the Canada’s Salvation Army. The campaign sends a message we should all understand – no matter what the season.

“Invisible” says it all. Those less fortunate aren’t seen – including the children and elderly who deserve everyone’s support. When they are, we look away. How many of us lock our car doors when someone is begging from the street? How often have you offered food instead of money to a homeless person? What can we do to care for those who deserve help?

Check-out the television spot: http://www.glossyinc.com/invisible2.html

You don’t have to give money to make a difference. You can simply give a little time by volunteering…or get involved by adding your ideas to how we can all work to make a real change in our materialistic culture for those who can’t help themselves. All too often, we blame those less fortunate, passing them off as “lazy” or “stupid”.

Count your blessings – and share them with someone who isn’t as fortunate.

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