Mac Daddy Rises Up

The end of a dead campaign
A smart shift in Apple’s “I’m a Mac” campaign is underway – and it’s about time. The current campaign featuring “Mac guy” (Justin Long of Herbie and Dodgeball movie fame) is being dropped – and for good reason. Everyone that I know thinks he’s smug in comparison to the bumbling “PC guy”, and frankly, not a good positioning for the product.

The creative team of Hodgman and Morrison remain, as well as their more than capable agency TBWA\Chiat\Day. For good reason, noone is releasing any information on the new campaign.

As an avid Mac user, and well into my middle age, I always resented the positioning that Macs were for “pre-yuppie creative types”, and not serious business machines. Granted, Microsoft rules the business software world, and has hobbled Mac with it’s versions of Office.

Not everyone shares my love of Macs:

Geeky IS the “new cool”, right? And Mac’s are are cool, right? So let’s get geeky already, and raise the brand to the top again – where I think it belongs.

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