Smart ad for a smart car

Back Seat Driver
I love it when a spot really works on a variety of levels. Take the Fourtwo electric car, now being produced by Smartcar of America. According to the website: “Daimler Chrysler’s latest special edition, Smart ForTwo Edition Red, will phase out the existing Fortwo and make way for the new 2008. model the will be here in 2007 as a 2008 model.” It’s about time we start seeing delivery of electric vehicles again.

Their spot scares us into buying a two-seater in an unexpected way. Produced by BBDO in Germany, I think it’s time we Americans lose our love for the gas-guzzling SUV’s I see driving around town. I mean, do you REALLY need that Ford Subdivision to make a quick trip to the grocery store? And while I’m ranting… Can you please, PLEASE put that cell phone down while your turning through the intersection? OK…I’m sounding like an old, crotchety man… but I’m not…really… I’m not.

Here’s the ad…enjoy.

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