SmartBrand Launches Real Estate Marketing Services

We still believe that we’re in a market correction, not a crash, and that establishing a strong brand during this time is the right timing for when the market begins to expand in the near months ahead.

In our ongoing effort to encourage Realtors to take advantage of the current market correction and timing, we’ve launched a series of email campaigns to promote a “starter set” of packages that are essential to success.

Initially, we’re recommending three marketing strategy kits – each customized to the particular real estate agent’s needs and position in the current market. A PDF can be downloaded from our website by following this link.

In addition to these tiered levels of marketing, we’re working with a team of very talented web designers to create innovative websites for agents that produce real results. And of course, we always customize our work for any particular project – so if you have specific needs such as “getting organized”, or “maximizing my contacts” – we can tailor our services to suit your specific objectives.

For more information on these services and how we can help you measure the results of your marketing and advertising campaigns, contact us through our website.

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