Surfing The Online Philanthropy Wave

If you’re a nonprofit that isn’t providing donors with the option to give to your organization online – you need to catch the wave before it swamps you.

E-philanthropy giving trends.

The Network for Good has recently released its new study about the growing trend of online philanthropic giving – and the findings speak clearly for growing donor preferences. You can download the report free at The Young And The Generous. In the meantime, here are some interesting highlights of the study:

> Online givers are relatively young (38 years old on average) and generous, giving several times more than offline donors who tend to be 60+ years of age.

> Virtually all of online givers (96%) have given to charity before, but a sizable proportion (38%) is new to online philanthropy.

> Most people give online during the week, during business hours – most commonly, between 10am and noon. This might suggest that they’re logging on, and giving from their workplace.

> Top searches are disaster related, plus “children”, “cancer”, and “homeless”.

> People say they give online because it’s easier than writing a check and a fast way to respond to disasters.

Clearly, as this trend progresses, donors are becoming more confident in the security of providing financial information online. Creating an effective web presence that showcases the nonprofit’s effectiveness and goals will be a key factor to sustaining the organization’s donor base.

If you’re a nonprofit that does not have a solid online strategy…you’d best grab a board and paddle out into the surf. If you don’t, you’ll risk getting swamped onshore.

You don’t have to develop an online giving “shopping cart” by yourself, and you don’t need to give away a large percentage of your donations in order to offer the service. If you don’t know where to begin, we can help.

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