The Not-So-Secret “Life” of the Maxi Pad

Seventh Generation makes cotton tampons and chlorine-free maxi pads, and they want health and environmentally conscious women to understand the advantages of its product, and buy it.

So what on earth would make the marketing and advertising pundits at Seventh Generation feel that dressing a goatee’d twenty-something male up as a “Pad Man”, and parading him around in a mock “daily routine” make women feel any more comfortable with the topic of using their environmentally-friendly product?

To wit, I submit to you, dear reader, the following:

In addition to this vaguely disturbing video launch, the company has also created a website: Tampontification. Wrought with “mission fairies” and menstrual haikus, the site does provide some seriously amusing input from a woman’s perspective.

Obviously, as a male member of the species, I couldn’t begin to appreciate the research behind this kind of brand positioning. But I do wonder if the women of the world would see this video, and think they’re being mocked, as opposed to educated about Seventh Generation’s products and their unique product advantages?

Does creating a campaign that is so “not Kotex” create the kind of buzz the product line needs to rise above the market share? Or does it turn-off a majority of prospective consumers, and make them run to the shelves for a product they’ve known for years?

You tell me.

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