Let’s get to it.

Daunting, isn’t it? The blank page. A flat canvas. Nothing but white space.

In a world of possibilities, it’s always hard to know where to begin. No matter where you start, it’s at least a start…and from there, who knows what grows.

So what’s the purpose of this blog site, anyway? Blatant promotionalism of our most excellent little company SmartBrand? Well…duh…yes. Of course.

But hopefully more. Much more.

Ahead we’ll find some insighful commentary on the current state-of-the-marketing/advertising community here in northern Nevada and the west coast. A handful of interesting tips and tricks that we’ll leak to unsuspecting world from our bag of knowledge. Perhaps even some interesting photos of cultural phenomena like Burning Man… innovations, trade shows, hot designers like Tony DeVincenzi (yes…he’s related) … or whatever marketing and business related interests we stumble on.

More importantly…we’re going to light a fire or two (not literally…but it is getting cold outside!).

We’ll provide interesting links to passionate sites like www.downtownmakeover.com and whaever else we happen to feel is worthy of your time… and your comment.

So.. what are you hunting for? Pictures of naked kittens? (you know who you are) Political debate on the upcoming elections? (turn off the telly and get involved) Venting on the lack or real professionalism and business creativity in our community? (once again, my inside voice escapes outside) Let it out…and give us a spin on the topic. I’m hoping someone starts a fight that’s worth fighting.

Let’s just do it. (with no apologies to Nike, whatsoever).

Blog on.

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